Friday, March 16, 2012

Girls' Club

I am up long past my bedtime tonight.  I just walked in the door to a silent, still house with only the kitty greeting me at the door. No little footsteps, no little voices calling out my name. I was out for Girls' Club tonight, a night for Mommy to reclaim who she is. Girls' Club is a random gathering of women--if you are female and have a passion for living, come join us. We seek to meet once a month at a local establishment, sharing our triumphs, successes, and failures over a few cocktails.  Our husbands pick up the kids, and we collectively remember what life was like long ago.  We giggle and laugh like young middle schoolers at a sleepover, huddled under our sleeping bags, up past bedtime, sharing our secrets. Girls' Club is open to anyone who believes in life, love, and living and sharing the company of other women.  Over a few drinks, we share the innermost workings of our hearts, and we laugh.  My goodness, do we laugh.  We laugh so much that servers often lie what time our chosen establishment closes, just to kick us out. tired of the ruckus we are making.  We laugh, and our bellies wake up sore the next morning.  That's one of our fundamental rules: laugh loud and laugh often at Girls' Club.  We share our secrets and weave threads of our pasts, presents, and futures together.  Each time I leave Girls' Club, I know that for a few hours, I have given a piece of myself to my friends, and I feel more complete for it.

As I listen to the hum of a quiet home, sleeping babes, and the ticking of a clock, I realize I always feel a bit more alive after Girls' Club. Those few hours out soothe my soul.  I have my mojo back.  Yet, it is a funny thing.  By the end of the evening, our tummies tired from the excessive laughter, our eyes heavy from working a full week as moms and teachers, the Girls' Club members all have our phones out at our table, sharing pictures of our kiddoes, clearly wishing we were home cuddling in bed.  Couldn't be more obvious that a table full of women enjoy each others' company, but miss their little ones at home a smidge bit more.  My heart hums with the joy in the camaraderie of women, but it aches with the longing of good night kisses and bedtime stories.

Cheers to many Girls' Clubs in the future, and cheers to the comings home afterwards.  I know I am loved in both places.  Win-win for all.

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  1. Girls' Club sounds like lots of fun and totally necessary for maintaining that balance. It's a nice feeling to reconnect with other aspects of your own self, and at the same time, it's nice to miss the babies and husband and happily go home to them. Lovely slice!